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Compassionate Therapy for Anxiety, Shame, and Trauma

Virtual Sessions with Emily Burden, LCSW

Available for Adults throughout Nevada & Utah

Are you grappling with fears, unrelenting self-judgement, seemingly endless worries, or feeling like disaster is constantly approaching? ​ 

Do you feel trapped by past traumatic experiences, stuck with racing thoughts and memories that prevent you from fully engaging with life?  

Imagine a life where you live authentically, connect deeply within your relationships, and experience life in new, fulfilling ways.

If you’re craving a sense of relief from distress and a deeper understanding of yourself, I'm here to help.​​ 

Navigating through life's challenges can feel overwhelming, leaving you searching for a guiding light amidst the darkness. If you've found your way here, know that you're not alone.


The journey toward healing and growth is one we embark on together, and I'm here to walk alongside you every step of the way.



Specialized Areas

Individual Counseling for Anxiety, Shame, Depression, and Trauma Recovery

My practice offers individual psychotherapy to support mental and emotional well-being, and I work with clients ages 18 and up.  I care deeply about building a therapeutic relationship founded on trust, empathy, and understanding.  The relationship between therapist and client is an essential mediator of change.


I specialize in addressing issues related to fear, avoidance, shame and self-judgement, all of which can show up as anxiety, stress, depression, struggles with work and relationships, and post-traumatic stress.  I use genuine positive regard, compassion, and gentle curiosity to help you feel comfortable and safe.  


We're in this together  

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